Monday, March 17, 2014

The Grind

The big drawback to being a writer is how long it can take to get the ideas out of your head and onto paper. Often times the end result is not quite what you had in mind when you started and fortunately most of the time it is better. I certainly hope that is true with my latest work. Zaran Journals Book Five - One Corner of the Sky, is finished at last. Well, the rough draft. For me and my process, that is the completion of the story, the rest is polishing it to a presentable state.

So while my story telling phase on this book is over, it is time to turn it over to the editor side of my brain. I have some other things to work on, some sort stories to think of and the plot of book 6 to work out, so I have plenty to keep me busy for a few months. Then I'll edit this, have it proofed and the final polish applied in time for it to be out in November this year.

Then it is back to the process for book 6. After that I hope to tackle another project, a stand along of a bit more epic proportions based on an idea I had a long time ago. I just have to locate my notes first. Not as easy as it may sound. My stored papers are a bit disorganized after a minor flood we had in the basement a few years ago. Nothing of importance was lost, but things got moved around and I can't locate my oldest box of writing notes. Ah, these things happen. Even if I can't find them, I still remember enough to recreate it, and even if I do find them, there is no guarantee I will follow them very closely. That is the beauty of the creative process, it adapts to change.