Friday, January 2, 2015

Moving Forward

I have seriously been considering what my next step is and I think I have it. I have quite a bit I need to get done in 2015 that isn't writing related and other than a vague sketch, I really don't know where Ven Zaran and his friends and enemies are headed. I think I will visit with them in a new series of short stories, but I have two other ideas that are burning to be written. So, with the completion (expected to be soon) of the sixth novel focusing on Ven Zaran, I will step away from that journey for a little bit and delve into two other worlds in two stand alone novels.

As I did once before, I think I am likely to sky my annual November marathon. It has suddenly become very important to get the very cluttered basement of my house sorted out and arranged in a manner that will let me get some serious work done down there. It takes time to develop a new universe and for one of the projects I have in mind, it requires finding an old file before I begin.

So, after the release of the project I am currently working on (tentatively titled A Piece in the Game) sometime in November of this year, it might be a while before you see a new novel. But never fear, I have several in the works and one of them will be done before too long, but even a professional writer must make room for the mundane tasks of daily life. I'm a bit of a packrat and I've let it get away from me. Time to do something about it.

What you will likely see next from me are stories of some new traders and more about Stormy and Jim. I have quite a few ideas and some episodes in their lives that need to be covered before their paths meet up with Wally's and Ven's. For those who have grown fond of the Zaran Journals characters, there is much more coming, just be patient. I'm at least going to be a bit faster than Greorge R.R. Martin is with his next Song of Fire and Ice book.