Monday, June 3, 2013

Coming Soon - The Twelfth Doctor

It seems that the news that Matt Smith would be returning for Series 8 of the new Doctor Who was premature. Although he was reported to state that he would in early may, the official word has come out from BBC, with quotes form Matt and Stephen Moffat, that Matt will depart after the Christmas Special. While that means the spoilers I previously mentioned about the 50th Anniversary Special are still correct, it means that we will soon have a new Doctor. The twelfth and next to last. While we know nothing of who might be cast or what direction they may take, we do know that we are soon to reach the time of the Valeyard, an amalgamation of the Doctor from between his twelfth and final incarnations.

Speculation is brewing as to who might be cast as the new Doctor. Some wonder if we will see some variation in race or gender. I doubt it, but I wouldn't bet against it. I would guess they will play it safe to avoid alienating fans. What we can expect without question is a fantastic actor who will do the role proud. While I am sorry to see Matt leave, I am excited at the prospects a new Doctor brings.

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