Monday, September 22, 2014

Time Heist

This week we were treated to a fairly standard Doctor Who story. Time Heist gives us a mystery, exploration, and conclusion with little in the way of extra character development that we have seen in the previous 4 episodes. Basically it is time to get back to normal for the Doctor and Clara, except for that one little quip the Doctor makes toward the end.

The episodes starts with the Doctor intruding on Clara again, and then the Tardis phone rings. After a quick conversation where the woman in the shop who gave Clara that very number comes up, the Doctor answers the phone. Next thing we know, the Doctor, Clara, and two others are sitting at a table where they are provided proof they submitted to this willingly and then are told they are going to rob the most unrobable bank in the universe.

From there is is a fairly standard heist story with tension as they reach and get past each hurdle. We meet the Teller, a being who can read minds and find deceit and can then literally eat your mind (or turn it to soup, or both).

Typical of Doctor Who, people die and at one point it looks like Clara will, but one of the others sacrifices themselves. The final prize turns out to be something uniquely appropriate for the Doctor to agree to this venture and a few fun twists.

In all this was a good solid Doctor Who episode that really needed Twelve's hard-line approach to carry off. It was a great story that really felt appropriate to this point of the season. The next one promises some fun character development.

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