Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Flatline Frontier

The latest Doctor Who episode has an interesting premise. Well, several. First, the Doctor gets stuck in a shrinking Tardis. The other main one is an invasion by two dimensional creatures. I thought the circular pattern that the 2D creatures were siphoning energy from the Tardis which brought the crisis to a head and made sure the Doctor stuck around to be quite fun.

While on the surface this is almost a Doctor lite episode, but it really isn't. He is there all along the way, just not on the scene. Clara is the on scene face of the heroes, but she is emulating the Doctor with his eyes on her the entire time.

This episode once again racks up a fair body count. It feels like the good old days.

My initial reaction was that we are starting to see too much Clara and not enough Doctor, but as I've thought about it I have found what this season is all about and that everything that is going on centers around one single topic - is the Doctor a good man. This season is exploring the Doctor in depth from many angles. Each episode, and this one more so than most, is showing us the many facets of the Doctor. His character is laid bare in this incarnation. Gone is the friendly, personal veneer he has gained over the years. Back is the harshly realistic and pragmatic first Doctor and the alienness that has been missing for a long time.

Missy, who appears briefly toward the end, is a big part of what this series is about. The crisis that will finish this series will be about who the Doctor is and what it means to travel with him. He can't save everyone and often the ones who survive aren't the ones you would expect.

This episode is fun and really explores the 2D creatures in a fascinating way as well as exploring what it means to be the Doctor. A good addition to the canon.

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