Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Christmas

This years Doctor Who Christmas episode felt like it came from Philip K. Dick. That is a good thing in case you are wondering. I loved how it made you question reality and how it included Santa Clause.

We were immediately presented with Santa Clause and two elves on the roof of Clara's building. The Tardis soon materializes and the Doctor whisks Clara away to the North Pole. They find a base under siege and things quickly go bad, but it looks like they got out just in time.

The episode continues to play with reality with Santa Clause serving a very significant purpose right up to the end. The dream crabs were fantastic and terrifying monsters. While the majority of the story was kind of light hearted, the implications of not knowing if you are dreaming or awake are scary and very much in keeping with the type of story Philip K. Dick usually told.

But at the end we finally get an answer to whether Clara is stay on the show or not. I liked the way it turned out.

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